7 Surprising Benefits of Getting Good Sleep

7 surprising benefits of getting good sleep

Not only are we less cranky when we get a good night’s rest, there are plenty of other benefits that goes a long way with sleep. Getting enough rest plays an important role in your overall physical health as well. Studies show that sleep deprivation (sleeping under 5 hours a night) can contribute to big health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Excessive sleep can also pose a problem linking to fatigue, depression, and cancer. But how much sleep do you need? It varies, but for most people, a 7-9 hour night’s slumber is considered healthy. What else does resting do for you besides allowing your body to recover? Keep reading below to find out some surprising benefits of getting a good amount of sleep each and every night.


sleep makes you look better

1. Helps You Look Better

Yes, you read right! Getting a decent amount of rest will make you more attractive, and will help regulate moody behavior. Consistent lack of sleep will start to show visible effects over time, such as red eyes, dark circles, puffy eyes, eye bags, acne, and other blemishes. While we are sleeping, our bodies are busy destroying the free radicals responsible for premature aging. This is responsible for those times we wake up in the morning with a rejuvenated, fresh-faced glow! Additionally, people tend to be more sociable after having a full night’s rest versus someone that had inadequate rest which makes them more attractive and pleasant to be around overall. Beauty rest is a real thing, folks!




2. Makes you Sharper

Getting enough sleep can also enhance your cognitive skills to help you solve more complex problems. Well-rested minds are able to focus better including the ability to think creatively and retain important information. With better focus, you are also more alert which reduces risks of causing accidents or injuries. Optimal sleep can improve your overall judgement and helps prevent you from making dangerous mistakes. A severe lack sleep causes an effect on humans decision-making skills, including feelings of increased stress and less patience, and poorer judgement and accidents.



stimulates weight loss

3. Helps Stimulate Weight Loss

Ample rest also helps manage your weight and aids in shedding those unwanted pounds. Sleep helps the body regulate hormone levels to control appetite and boost metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day. People who don’t get enough sleep actually have higher ghrelin levels, a hunger hormone, and lower leptin levels which signals to your brain when you are full. These hormone imbalances causes you to feel more hungry and overeat. Less sleep also slows down your metabolism, burning on average 20% less calories than those who slept enough.



4. Saves Lives

Those who lack sleep often aren’t aware of their drop in performance either. This can result in tragic consequences while driving. Awareness can slip for the precious seconds you need to stay alert. The sleepier you are while behind the wheel, the greater chance you have of risking an accident. Your reaction time may also be slower due to the lack of sleep and alertness and focus, creating higher risks of accidentally hurting yourself or making mistakes.


5. Saves Money for the Economy

Did you know sleep can actually save the US money as well? A big study conducted involving over 10,000 citizens in America surveyed sleep habits and work accidents. The study found people were twice as likely to have workplace accidents with lack of sleep. These workplace accidents totalled about $31 billion per year in the US alone. Tired or sleepy employees also cost employers less productivity in the workplace. On average, lack of sleep costs employers about 64 hours of wasted wages per employee a year, totalling a shocking $63 billion loss in revenue. Forget downsizing, find ways to help your employees get adequate sleep!



6. Increases Life Span

Sleep also provides the body more energy to fight off illness while strengthening the immune system. Studies show sleep aids in preventing several medical conditions including cancer. Getting decent rest every night can actually extend your life, allowing your brain time to recharge to help optimize body functions, including the cardiovascular system for the following day. The cells in our body are also busy repairing damaged cells and producing new cells during a deep slumber. During deep sleep, oxygen levels and blood circulation also increases. You can say a lot is going on in our bodies while we sleep. On the other hand, however, sleeping too much can also increase your risk of dying prematurely. To perform a quick check on your heart and overall general health, make sure you order your blood test online with National Discount Labs.


increases productivity

7. Increases Productivity

A nice rested night will also increase productivity at work and in our personal lives. Because lack of proper rest costs companies billions of dollars every year, it wouldn’t hurt for business owners to encourage employee power naps on the job. A short nap can be the recharge you need which can prove to make a major difference in improved focus, skill and helps perform at peak levels. People always work better collectively as a team when they are well-rested.




All these amazing benefits of sleep help promote wellness in supporting a healthy lifestyle. Although aging is inevitable for all of us, we can slow down the process as well as reverse some of its effects by getting optimal rest every night to help us look and feel better and extend a healthier, longer lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Start getting to bed earlier every night or hit the snooze button more often on the weekends and you’re already off to a better start!