Why Annual Check-Ups are Important

The time is now to make your health a priority. While a lot of us only resort to scheduling doctor visits when we are experiencing a problem or have concerns, it could prove even more beneficial to find problems before they start by going to the doctor for annual check-ups. Your primary care physician can assist you in keeping track of your blood pressure, weight, determining early problems (if any), and check up on your heart and lungs. They are able to review your health history and offer advice on due exams, screenings, immunizations, ways to lower risk factors on due to help ensure you are on track to living a happy, healthy life.  Keep reading to find out reasons why routine check-ups are necessary and play an important role in our lives.


Detect Early Problems

Annual check-ups can help detect early problems or potential serious health issues and increase chances of successful treatment and cures. It is important to be proactive in doing what we can to increase our chances of living a longer, healthier life. Getting the recommended screenings, blood tests, health services and treatments help inform you of your health and ways to improve your lifestyle. Other important factors that affect your health and how often you should visit a physician include age, family history, what you eat, activity level, drug and alcohol usage, etc. Physicians can offer informative information to help prevent future health issues and complications later down the road.


Find a Doctor You Like

People who get along with their physicians are more likely to schedule more routine visits. They are also more likely to ask doctors openly about concerns, listen to their advice and apply it. Your physician may be to help identify potential risk factors and how to manage them. It is good to develop and establish a good relationship with a physician you feel you can trust over the years.



Ask Questions

You usually see a physician for a specific issue that need to be addressed right away, but during your check-up is the perfect time to ask your doctor all health questions and concerns you may have including questions you think are silly or embarrassing. Although you can just google your questions and concerns instead, there is a lot of misleading and inaccurate information on the web that may diagnose illnesses that do not actually pertain to you. Your doctor is a great resource to answer all of your burning questions without the misinformation. A good tip is to write down a list of all your questions or topics you want to discuss to make sure they are all addressed during your visit. Doing so will help you leave your doctor’s office with a better peace of mind!


Personalized Health Care

Your primary care physician will have a good overall sense of your health as you build a relationship through your visits. Your physician’s office will have an ongoing detailed record of all your visits, tests, and care you’ve had available to you upon request. The ongoing records will allow your physician to remind you of any screenings or immunizations you are in due of. Your doctor will work with you to evaluate your personal risk factors and how to minimize them with lifestyle changes. The yearly visits provide a great opportunity to take note on your progress and set realistic goals towards a healthier lifestyle.


Save Money

Your annual exam can be great for you and your wallet. If you take charge of your health and make the effort for routine check-ups, you and your physician will be able to detect problems early which may help you save a lot of money further down the line before any potential health issues require more expensive care.


Stay Up-to-Date on Vaccinations

Don’t be fooled by the misconception that vaccines are only for children! You can stay current on what vaccinations you need as an adult and get vaccinated, or directed where to get vaccinated when you see your doctor. Getting vaccinated has become very convenient with many recommended vaccines available at your local health centers, health departments, pharmacies, and travel clinics.

prescription medications

Review/Renew Medications

It is a good idea to bring in all of the current over-the-counter medications you are taking to review with your doctor. He or she will be able to discuss with you which medications are necessary, and which medications you can eliminate and determine you are treating your medical problems the best way possible. Your doctor can also prescribe any new medications they recommend you taking.


Things to do before your check-up

To get the most out of your yearly appointment, it is recommended that you review your family history. Families often share similar genes, environments, and lifestyle. Taking a further look into these factors can help determine higher risk factors of certain health issues such as cancer, stroke, and heart disease. If you know a family member or close relative has been affected by a serious health issue, you may be at greater risk so it is important to be aware, get tested as needed, and follow a healthier lifestyle. Make a list of all your questions you want to discuss with your primary care doctor with you and inquire of any vaccinations or screenings due.


There you have it. There are so many reasons why check-ups are important to take every year to stay on track of our health and wellness. Many of these benefits include finding a doctor you can confide in with all of your health-related questions, detecting symptoms early, taking preventive measures that can save a lot of money further down the line, receive personalized health care and medications for you specific needs, and much more. Let’s break the habit of only going to the doctor as a last resort when we are ill. Let’s stay on top of our health and take action. If you simply can’t shake off going to the doctor for a check-up, you can order a General Health and Wellness test from National Discount Labs to determine your overall health and detect certain illnesses. National Discount Labs offer a variety of affordable blood tests you can order online, take the test at a local LabCorp, and view your results sent confidentially online within 3-7 business days. It’s that simple. Don’t put it off any longer. Remember, it is up to YOU to start putting your health first. It’s time.