How To Order An Online Blood Test

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Blood tests are a great way for doctors to assess your organs – kidney, liver, heart, and thyroids for functionality and certain diseases or conditions. Getting blood work done will also help determine if you have risk factors for heart disease as well as evaluate whether any medications you currently take are benefiting you. It is considered normal for your doctor to recommend a blood test during a routine checkup to see how your body is working. However, not all tests are covered by your health insurance. So utilizing an online blood test lab will help you get the tests you need. A lot of online blood tests do not require extra preparations, but some blood tests do require fasting (no food) for a specified period of time before the test, usually 8-12 hours. Consult with your doctor or laboratory technician for any required specific instructions prior to the test for accurate results. All our tests clearly indicate on each test’s page what the requirements are.


Why Are Blood Tests Important?

Many people are concerned whether they are receiving adequate nutrition and doing enough to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Routine blood tests are considered a crucial factor to assessing those type of concerns, especially for older patients since it can help detect many life-threatening illnesses early before they manifest. Taking these tests will show if your blood levels lie within what is considered a normal range. Blood levels outside of this range can reveal potential health concerns that can be further examined. Other factors to consider that may affect your blood levels include medications, alcohol intake, and how active you are. Although not all diseases and medical problems can be diagnosed from blood work alone, getting a better idea of how your inner organs are working will help you understand more about your health.


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Besides disease prevention, there are a number of other benefits to taking online blood tests by monitoring your hormones levels, improving your mental state, memory, and energy levels. Most people have one of the four main blood types – A, B, AB, or O. ABO Grouping and Rho(D) Typing Blood tests help determine which type of blood people have and is very important for ABO blood transfusions to ensure compatible blood between the donor and patient.


How to Schedule an Online Blood Test

While it’s possible to setup a blood test with your doctor, it can be restrictive to a limited selection of blood tests. You can contact your doctor’s office to find more information regarding your options to obtain a lab order through them. However, it is important to discuss what tests your health insurance covers prior to your appointment. If your doctor recommends that you take a test that is not covered under your insurance and you want to save some costs without having to wait for a medical appointment, you can choose to order your blood test online directly from a certified laboratory as an alternative option. No insurance and no doctor’s order required.


How to Order Blood Tests Online

You can find and order your online blood test(s) from National Discount Labs. We are passionate about health promotion and preventive medicine here at NDL and our goal is have the ability to make routine blood testing and health checkups affordable and accessible for everyone – with or without health insurance. We make it convenient and easy to order your blood tests online securely while protecting your confidentiality. We offer a wide range of blood tests – both single and comprehensive packages with easy-to-find local LabCorp locations across the nation at a discounted rate. It’s easy to order an online blood test: Simply select the desired blood test(s), place your order, print out your lab requisition/blood test order (to be received via email within 1 business day), and take it with you to the nearest LabCorp in your area, where your blood work will be performed. Make sure to have your ID with you as well.

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What Can I Expect During a Blood Test?

A small sample of blood is taken from your body, usually drawn through a vein from your arm using a needle, and sometimes using a finger prick during a blood test. The entire process is generally quick and easy, besides possible slight discomfort during the blood draw. Most people don’t experience any serious reactions from blood testing. Immediately after the blood is drawn, the technician will remove the needle and place a clean gauge where the needle was on your arm with light pressure to stop the bleeding. We recommend you keep a bandage on the area for a few hours.


Your blood sample will then be analyzed by lab workers and determine your results to help detect any potential risks, or health problems in the early stages where treatments or preventative lifestyle adjustments will have a higher chance of success rates. However, blood tests alone may not provide enough information to properly diagnose a lot of diseases or conditions. Other necessary factors may include your medical history, blood pressure, and results from other tests and procedures.


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When Do I Get My Results?

Depending on the type of blood test that was taken, you can get your results anywhere from within a few minutes to a few weeks. Double check with your doctor for a reasonable time-frame. If you have ordered a test from NDL, you will be given instructions on how to access your test results online through your secured account after performing the blood test at your nearest LabCorp. Check with your technician when to expect accessible results – different tests may vary in waiting time. 


How Often Should You Take a Blood Test?

You may be wondering “are routine blood tests necessary”? Getting proper blood tests done annually can help you better monitor how well your body is working, often increasing your lifespan and the quality of the life you live as well. If you have a history of abnormal results, have symptoms, or suggestions to get tested from your health practitioner, you may want to get blood work done more often. Consult with your lab technician or doctor if results come back abnormal for necessary next steps.


If you are due to get your blood work done, make sure you speak to your doctor or order your blood test online from National Discount Labs for direct-to-consumer lab screenings at a low cost without the additional concern of health insurance or a doctor. We recommend you have your routine blood tests done annually unless otherwise directed to help monitor your overall health and wellness. We make your health a priority. It is time you make it yours too.