Basic Health




This panel is a combination of common health test panels that measure and evaluate the body as a whole. It covers a broad scope, including functions of the heart, liver, kidneys, bones, and muscles.

Panel includes:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) With Differential – CBC is used to assess your general health status and to screen for, diagnose, or monitor a variety of diseases and conditions that affect blood cells, such as anemia, infection, inflammation, bleeding disorder or cancer.
  • Metabolic Panel (14), Comprehensive – This panel measures your sugar level, electrolyte and fluid balance, kidney function and liver function
  • Lipid Panel With Total Cholesterol:HDL Ratio – Lipid profile testing is used to help determine your risk of heart disease along with other factors such as age, family history, cigarette smoking, diet, exercise, weight, blood pressure, and diabetes.
  • Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy – Vitamin D is important to every cell and tissue throughout the body. Form proper immune function and bone density to heart health and mood disorders, vitamin D is critical for optimal health